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Tapping from Dubai’s smart-city initiatives

Developing countries, like those in Africa, have the opportunity to leapfrog now-redundant technologies in developed nations and create truly smart cites.While cities including Cape Town and Nairobi are tipped to become the first cities to achieve this ‘smart status’, especially in Africa, going by the daily developments unfolding there, other countries, including Nigeria, which is also keen about driving development through ‘smart city’ initiatives have been tapped to take a cue from cities such as Dubai.

Indeed, many African cities are seen as ideal locations for smart city campaigns, as they are essentially being developed technologically in particular, from scratch. In other words, there are fewer complications. They are building the foundations, rather than undoing a load of work, which other major technological hubs in the world face on their path to becoming a smart city.

Tapping from Dubai, according to experts could be the magic wand for most emerging markets, such as Nigeria, which are desperate about 21st century developments.When it comes to using technology on a mass scale, the city of Dubai has always stood out as a gleaming example of innovation. It’s as if an entire sci-fi movie has come to life in one urban area.

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